Company History

From history to present, Pestivoima’s aim is to make Finland a better working place for local and international companies. We are offering companies the means to facilitate HR risk and enhancing efficiency. On the other hand, we offer employees the opportunity to refind themselves and provide a sense of purpose.

In 2005, two brothers decided to try something new and founded a human resourcing company in Turku. Over the years, Pestivoima has profoundly understand the client’s business and their needs. Pestivoima services can be described as personal, transparent, and fair which why some of the clients have worked with us since 2005!

Pestivoima has now been passed on to the second generation and continues to be the family business our clients can trust. Markku Arvonen’s son, Henrik Arvonen and his wife Rashida Arvonen will continue to thrive and expand Pestivoima. Henrik comments on the transition and continuum of Pestivoima:

“It is an honour to continue with Pestivoima and to work with the long term and committed Pestivoima’s customers. We are growing geographically and expanding to cater customers in engineering and finance field. We also expended to the capital area in Finland and helping customers progressively with high-value jobs.

We are in a turning point where Pestivoima understands the need to engage globally to capture the best talent. Our mission is to make Finland a better working place by facilitating human resources globally for local needs.

My wife and I leverage our years of consultant and engineering experiences to provide you with the best services. We have been living and working in South-East Asia and Australia which equipped us with wide range of networks. Our dedication and expertise are here to ensure that you can maximise the return on your company resources.”