Extensive and professional human
resourcing and recruitment services in Finland.

Founded in 2005, Pestivoima has been offering reliable and professional recruitment services. Whether you are in a need for a temporary worker for single project or a permanent employee to supplement your team, Pestivoima’s know-how and 15 years’ experience in the industry will help you through. Please contact us to discuss further how should we be able to assist you.

Managing your workforce and workload efficiently with the help of outsourced employees

Having the right amount of people at the right time and at the right place is one of the key elements affecting your business bottom line. Motivated and skilled employees are the corner stones in delivering strong results. Pestivoima’s expertise is to combine the right people with the right companies. Through us, you can find people for example for project work, temporary sick leave, seasonal changes or more people due to business scale up. For high level positions, we can also perform direct recruiting assignment via our wide global network. Depending on your schedule we can provide employees on a fast pace, or we can simply notify you once a perfect candidate becomes available.

We make your selection convenient and easy

Finding the right candidate can be time consuming. During company growth where the supply is usually limited, Pestivoima uses its vast network to find employees, whether they are publicly available on the market or not.

We will shortlist the applications and suggest several most suitable candidates for the position. You have the option to keep the employees under Pestivoima where we will carry all the contractual risks related to the employment and Pestivoima will invoice you in monthly basis. Other option is one-time fee, where the employees will directly be working under your company payroll. Should you choose to select nobody, no cost will be incurred from our services.

Temporary need for employees

If you are looking to hire employee on temporary basis, our recruitment services prove to be the best option. We provide the option where you can outsource the employee for fixed term contract and later in the future you have the flexibility to transfer the employee permanently under your payroll.

Why choose Pestivoima as a recruitment

  • Extensive experience since 2005 in recruiting and human resourcing
  • Profound knowledge of the Finnish market
  • Relocation and visa services assistance moving to Finland
  • Vast network globally on employees related to blue-collar and white-collar workers
  • Family business and commitment to deliver what has been promised
  • Transparent, flexible, and professional

Contact us so we can plan the best solution for your business whether it means hiring an employee from us or recruiting directly to your company!